Volunteers with dementia needed to test potentially life-changing new product

A local business owner is looking for volunteers to test a new product which he believes has the potential to revolutionise the lives of people with Dementia.Richard Baker, who attended the John Colet School, set up his organic food company The Coconut Cow after reading about the positive effects coconut oil has on Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. His grandfather suffered with Alzheimer’s and it had a huge impact on the family. Prescription medication did little to ease the symptoms and resulted in numerous side effects, so Richard set about investigating alternative therapies instead.

“We believe this can work wonders for people so we’re looking at releasing our products onto the market. But before we can do so, we need a small number of people to take part in a market research project. This will involve taste tests and feedback on any changes in concentration, mood and overall health.”

Dementia is a devastating illness which is becoming increasingly common. There are currently 850,000 people with Dementia in the UK, which is predicted to rise to over 1 million by 2025 and 2 million by 2051. 225,000 will develop Dementia every year; that’s one person every three minutes.*Richard is aware that this is a sensitive subject and is keen to put people’s minds at rest about why he’s looking for volunteers. “We are a family business made up of normal people who really want to make a difference- not tin foil hat wearers or a big corporation wanting to make money out of other’s misfortunes. We know first-hand how devastating Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be and would like to help others who are experiencing it.”

Those who are interested in getting involved should contact Richard on 07591 099783 or email richie@thecoconutcow.co.uk. There are no charges involved and there will be absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy anything at any stage.

*Alzheimers UK, 2017