Wanderings of a Warden

It’s been a privilege to be a Street Warden during the current Covid-19 crisis. I have really been able to appreciate what a great place Wendover is to live in. Not only do we have a great location but the people are friendly & welcoming.

I was nervous at first for the safety and privacy of those of us volunteering but everyone has been really respectful.  There has been an outpouring of community spirit with neighbours supporting each other and helping vulnerable people (VP) close to them, making my role easy through setting up group chats for streets, sharing delivery or C&C slots, having a sewing circle for making scrubs for a hospice and who can forget the communal fish & chip run!

Having chats with my VPs has been lovely. Most are fiercely independent so having to adjust to the “new norm” has been hard for them but I know they really appreciate all that the wardens are doing for them. We all have a part to play in managing mental health. The young as well as the old have found this difficult. I know for my two young adults who are trying to finish their university exams & assignments, walking a local VP’s dog has been a great outlet.

Fortunately, Wendover still has a Parish Council, and compared to those living in metropolitan areas, this has meant that we were able to react quickly and get “boots on the ground” early.  I want to offer a huge thanks to all those that have helped. It’s going to be a long-haul before this awful disease is completely contained but recent experience has shown that we can cope, and if anything we are a better community for it.

Ruth Falkus, Local Street Warden