Waste transfer station development will not go ahead

Buckinghamshire County Council has decidednot to go ahead withthe development of a new waste transfer station at London Road Depot, Amersham, that would have been used to transfer household waste from the south of the county to the new energy from waste plant at Greatmoor, north of Aylesbury.

The proposed transfer station, which would have joined a similar facility already operating at High Heavens, High Wycombe, had been planned adjacent to the existing household recycling centre at London Road East, Amersham. However, the County Council, in conjunction with the landowners Chiltern District Council, have decided that suitable lease conditions couldn’t be agreed that are beneficial for taxpayers as a whole.

FCC Environment, the County Council’s residual waste contractor, has confirmed that at the present levels of demand the existing waste transfer station at High Heavens in High Wycombe will be sufficient for them to processnon-recyclable waste from the south of the county for onward transfer to Greatmoor. Chiltern District Council has also confirmed that the existing operational approach of using High Heavens will be suitable for them over the medium to long term.

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment Warren Whyte said: “During this planning stage we have had the opportunity to jointly review our original plans for waste transfer capacity. As the additional capacity that this transfer station would have providedwill not becritical for the foreseeable future, we have all decided it makes sense to stop the development. This will also lead to some savings to council taxpayers”.