WAVUS – update, January 2023

Thank you to those who have registered with us and offered a variety of types of help – we hope to get back to you as the need arises. We have also contacted a number of organisations regarding financial support, and we would like to thank those which have already made grants – Wendover and Stoke Mandeville Parish Councils, Lionel Abel-Smith Trust and Rothschild Foundation.

We now welcome all applications for support from Ukrainian guests in Wendover and Villages. If you are looking for help from volunteers, please use the Noticeboard page on our website (wavus.uk/noticeboard) as your message will be emailed automatically to all those offering help. You can also use the Noticeboard page if you have anything you would like to donate (services, bikes, transport etc.). For more direct help please use our Contact page (wavus.uk/contactform.html). Please also make sure you have registered with us (wavus.uk/joinus.html) as otherwise we won’t be able to keep you up to date with what we are doing. This page is also now available in Ukrainian.

We are also looking for specific help:

  • To join our committee.
  • With organising social events.
  • With translation of the rest of our website into Ukrainian.
  • With learning English.

If any of these may be something you could contribute to, please let us know at info@wavus.uk .