Weekly roadworks update dated 19 May 2023

As part of Buckinghamshire Council’s £105m investment in roads across the county over the next four years, work will be taking place shortly at the following location through Buckinghamshire Highways’ Strategic Highway Maintenance Programme.

The works are part of a rolling programme of countywide work and some activities are extremely weather dependent, therefore dates shown are subject to change at short notice. These dates may also be subject to change depending on the availability of materials and unforeseen circumstances out of our control. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Plane and Patch Works

Lower Icknield Way B489, Bucklands  (Tuesday 24 May to Wednesday 26 May)

Plane and patch works using a road closure in operation between 7:30pm and 6am.

Barley Close, Weston Turville, from the junction of Brill Road to Wootton House (Tuesday 24 May to Wednesday 25 May)

Plane and patch works using a road closure in operation between 7am and 7pm.

Priority Road Surfacing Works

A418 Bierton Road, Aylesbury – from Junction with Manor Road to Douglas Road (Friday 19 May to Thursday 1 June)

Priority Road Surfacing  Works using a road closure in operation between 8pm to 6am.

High Street, Old Amersham starting at Market Square towards Mill Lane (Tuesday 23 May to Friday 26 May)

Priority Road Surfacing  Works using a road closure in operation between 8pm to 6am.

This year, the council has received reports of much higher numbers of road defects than in recent years due to the impact of the winter weather, a situation reflected nationwide. In response, Buckinghamshire Highways teams are working seven days a week, prioritising the most dangerous potholes and making urgent repairs. Other potholes and defects are scheduled for repair according to safety criteria and Buckinghamshire Highways is working through this plan, with eight repair crews are aiming to complete 2,500 jobs per month.

Given the current condition of the roads, which is an issue across the country at present, the council will also be using its emergency powers, alongside the new highway contracts, to fast track a number of essential road repairs. Unfortunately, it will not always be possible to give our normal periods of advance notice, and for this we apologise, but we believe that undertaking the road repairs themselves are the most important issue at this time. We will endeavour to advise local communities and businesses in the immediate vicinity via letter drops, but if this is not possible, we again apologise and will ensure that any inconvenience or disruption is minimal whilst we undertake the essential repairs and improvements.

In addition to the above, we will also have ten gangs carrying out patching and emergency repairs, three jet patching crews, drainage cleaning, and street lighting repairs, so you should expect to see a lot of activity on the highways in the coming weeks and months.

Residents can report any potholes or road defects at: buckinghamshire.gov.uk/fixmystreet