Welcome to Chiltern Brewniversity

Throughout its 35 years The Chiltern Brewery has been at the forefront of the revival of classic English ale styles flying the flag for proper, and revived, tasty, British beer. Part of that passionate commitment to brewing involves attracting and training talented new people that the industry desperately needs.

Long time Chiltern Brewery employee Dave McGovern has been awarded a highly valued and well respected Diploma in Brewing Qualification from The Institute of Brewing & Distilling, a great and well deserved achievement which both he and Head Brewer Tom Jenkinson are absolutely thrilled about.

Dave, who has been working at the brewery now for 10 years, says “One of my friends worked here part time and I thought that working in a brewery sounded like fun. I went for an interview, got the job and I was right! I love the fact that something you spend all day and week working on and looking after brings so much joy to so many people. It’s great going into a pub and thinking ‘I made that’.”

Dave decided that he would love a qualification to reflect his commitment to his career in brewing, something which Directors George and Tom Jenkinson firmly encouraged him to do. The course was spilt into 3 modules and to fit round his work Dave decided to do one module a year.

Module one was to do with the science of Materials & Wort covering the malting of the barley, water, hops and the mashing and boiling process of brewing. The second covered yeast functions, characteristics and metabolism; fermentation, beer processing, spoilage and clarity issues. The third module was on process and packaging technology involving packaging materials, process gases, heat transfer and refrigeration.

But Dave isn’t the only ‘graduate’ at ‘Chiltern Brew-niversity’. New recruits Lloyd Ellis and Ben Collard, both from the local area, joined the brewery as apprentices this summer. Both are university graduates and have made a big commitment to a profession that needs a lot of training and hard work. “It’s wonderful to see these young lads make the decision that they want to be brewers and to acquire the age-old skills of brewing that were, at one time, in danger of dying out” says Head Brewer Tom Jenkinson.

“We are an active local business investing in local people for the future and proud of that” says brother and Director George Jenkinson. “We would encourage all employers to follow this route and to see the pleasure and satisfaction that it brings to everyone involved. Well done Dave.”

The Chiltern Brewery www.chilternbrewery.co.uk is based on an old working farm in Terrick near Wendover. It is the oldest independent brewery in Buckinghamshire and the Chiltern Hills.

The ethos at The Chiltern Brewery is to brew natural, wholesome beers using 100% British ingredients – the best Class A malt and hops with great provenance and to mirror age old brewing methods.

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