Wendover Active Resistance Camp – Aims

After the recent announcements and the full approval of HS2 looking likely to go ahead at any moment Wendover Active Resistance Camp would like to reassure the community that we are here to stay. We have received a very warm welcome from the community of Wendover and are grateful for all the support and connections we have already made.

We are here to work alongside you in the upcoming battle with HS2, to share skills, and help you prepare for what is coming. So we thought we would share a little more about the aims of the camp.

Our aims:

  • The Resistance of continued work by HS2 and contractors – We have already seen a lot of actual development on the ground around Wendover. Where possible we will challenge this work, and the legality of this.
  • Community awareness, engagement, training and education – We are offering a series of training events to help people skill up on media engagement, your rights as a protector, protest law. Legal observing, direct action and resistance. Alongside this we plan to host a series of events, this is to give people the chance to come together in solidarity, but also help highlight issues surrounding the development of HS2 in Wendover to a wider audience.
  • A physical hub for the community and the local campaign – The camp is not just a place of resistance and for activists. We invite you to come and share this space and your experiences, use the camp as a hub of information sharing, be part of the resistance, learn new skills, or just have a cup of tea when it all gets too much.
  • Protect the ecosystem, animals and woodlands surrounding Wendover – Wendover’s wildlife is under direct threat from HS2. We do not want to see the amazing woodland and ecosystems disappear. We need your help to resist this and stop it happening.
  • Protecting the community when called upon / Resisting forced evictions – There are several cases in the immediate area of people facing forced evictions, as well as land grabs by HS2. When requested we will be there to stand alongside individuals and the community.

Please feel free to stop by camp or find on social media channels @WARcampHS