Wendover Active Resistance Update – March-April 2020

Lots has happened through February and the beginning of March. We have seen the fence connecting Great Missenden and Wendover sites grow, HS2 have been taking possession of land all along the valley, cutting people business, farms and homes in two. We have been out on the ground documenting this and connecting with other local areas like Steeple Claydon that are already massively affected by the HS2 development. We need your help, it’s time to show the world what’s happening in the Chilterns. We need people to get out and walk the line, record tree felling and hedgerow destruction. There are also members of your community that are about to be made homeless and we all need to apply some more pressure to HS2 and the government to help them.

In response to this we have established a second site in Jones Hill Wood, this woodland is the last island of ancient trees in the area and is trapped between the two fences coming from each end of the valley. Not only is this woodland ancient and beautiful but it also has cultural and literary significance. This is the place that inspired Roald Dahl to write Fantastic Mr Fox. We need your help to hold this land! If we are there with local support HS2 won’t be cutting it down anytime soon, so come and do a day shift or even better stay overnight.

We are glad to announce we have some know your rights training coming up, and an anti-HS2 tour bus coming through. For more info please visit Wendover Active Resistance Camp’s FB page. Finally, Chris Packham has launched his legal challenge in conjunction with Sarah Green’s legal challenge against drilling through the chalk aquifers. We are looking to support them and their are currently crowdfunders out. This may be our opportunity to stop HS2 after the landmark decision to stop Heathrow’s third runway. So it’s not too late to stop this out of control project come and join us in being Wendover Active Resistance.