Wendover Bowls Club – April 2021

I have had my grass cutting Rota sent to me so Spring must be on the way. I think I mentioned last Autumn that the local rooks had made rather a mess of the green looking for leatherjackets but our splendid green keeper assures me that it looks in good order now. He had heard of one club that had trouble with foxes digging holes in their green. My suggestion that they could leave them in place and play round them rather like bunkers on a golf course met with a cool response. Pity really, it might have been the start of a whole new game.

We also had another Zoom evening at the end of the month. Rather than just quizzes this time, members were invited to do their party pieces. More than forty folk joined in which is almost half of the membership. Apart from being very enjoyable it was great to see everyone again. Once again thanks go to Belinda and Peter Horn.

Let’s hope that in my next report I will actually have some bowling to talk about. Keep safe everyone…..we are almost there.

Don Knight