Wendover Bowls Club, April 2022

Our club is tribal. It is roughly divided into two groups, namely the Dark Greens and the Light Greens. Each play other clubs in the league culminating in a needle match between each other. The Light Greens have been doing very well in matches and they showed no mercy when they took on the Dark Greens. As the indoor season draws to a close we are all looking forward to getting outside again. Sadly we will be without our Parrot House as, at present, it has a roof but no walls. They say fresh air is good for you!!

To mark our return to the great outdoors we kick off with our opening season dinner. As we missed it last year due to the wretched virus it is good to feel that things are getting back on track and we can enjoy the social side of the club again.

If you have ever thought of giving bowls a go our Chairman has told me that we will have open evenings every Friday in May at six o’clock. All we ask is that you wear flat shoes; stiletto heels upset the green keeper no end. We will guide you gently through the mysteries of this simple but frustrating game. Wendover is one of the friendliest clubs and you will be made most welcome.

Don Knight