Wendover Bowls Club – August 2019 Update

This must be the busiest time of the year with matches against other clubs and internal competitions. Within the club there seem to be endless combinations of games possible. Pairs, mixed pairs, singles, novice matches, various cup and league matches…the list seems to go on and on. All good fun but it makes it harder to get teams together to play in inter club games. Our poor competition secretary has their work cut out trying to fulfill our commitments, but so far so good.

At the end of June we held our Gala day when a dozen clubs came and played against each other. Wendover did field a team with strict instructions not to do too well as it would be rude to win. Etiquette was satisfied as we came in midfield. The day was a huge success with very positive feedback from our visitors.

July saw the needle match of the year when the ladies played the gentlemen. I am ashamed to report that the “gentlemen” did not live up to their name and won. So the ladies will hold the six foot wooden spoon trophy for another year. Never mind ladies there is always next time.
The evening concluded with a lovely supper prepared for us by Ashlea Catering.

It is good to see some of our newest members joining teams against other clubs in matches. The hot weather has made some of the games a bit of an ordeal as here isn’t much shade to be found on a bowling green.

Though our results are a bit patchy everyone seems to enjoy playing other clubs and it is great to meet so many other people. The object of the exercise is, after all, to enjoy it and I feel that we do.

Don Knight