Wendover Bowls Club – August 2022

Our splendid Captain, George Hunt, tries to keep us all amused and recently decided that we should have an afternoon of Crown Green bowls. Crown Green bowls is played on a domed green rather than a flat green. To play, the mat is placed and the Jack is sent in any direction for a minimum of 20 metres. Naturally this leads to conflict when there are several teams all doing their own thing. The day went well and I’m sure we will repeat it.

The aforementioned George is having trouble getting full teams to play against other clubs, especially for away matches. Lots of people are happy to come to play each other, but reluctant to get involved in matches. Costs can make it expensive but car sharing can usually be arranged. Matches are fun and you learn so much more about tactics and so on and meet some lovely people. Never feel you are not good enough!

Don Knight