Wendover Bowls Club – December 2019

Socially this is a quieter time of year. Inter club and our own internal matches  continue, of course, and I’m sure things will hot up towards Christmas. We did have a Quiz evening, however, to allow the members and friends to display their awesome intellects. Sadly for some of us “intellect” should have been substituted with another word, but at the end of the day one table soared into the lead by one point and won six bottles of wine.

At the beginning of the month we had the AGM. It was a chance to look back at a pretty successful year. Bowling, like many pastimes, is struggling to compete against so many other attractions. It is good to see that the Club has grown it’s membership slightly and is in good health.

Eric and Ann Smith, our Chairman and Ladies Captain respectively, stepped down after some years hard work and Jill Wheeler decided to hand over the reigns after ten years as treasurer. The Club owes them all a great debt of gratitude. Best wishes to their replacements.

This will be my last newsletter before Christmas and the start of 2020 so on these dark gloomy winter days fire up the laptop and check out our website, http://wendoverbowlsclub.co.uk/. Bowls might be just what you need to make your life complete.