Wendover Bowls Club – December 2020

Just as we were managing to get a few games played indoors here we are back in lockdown. At least the news of a vaccine gives us a little hope but it will be some time before things are back to normal.

Half the fun of bowls is the banter during matches and in the changing room but with such limited numbers allowed in the clubhouse to play and no spectators it all seems a bit flat. We all miss the company and social life of this friendly club so very much.

I was thinking back to an outdoor game I played last summer. It was triples, so three bowlers on each side. One of our players had a damaged shoulder and was having difficulty reaching long jacks and we were being well beaten. Then I noticed the other team in a bit of a huddle and they agreed among themselves that they would keep to short jacks to make more of a game of it. I have no doubt that they would have gone back to their normal game if we had threatened their lead but I found it a splendid sporting gesture. I also know that this would not have happened if it had been a game against another club and not an internal match.

Well, by the next report we should have come out of lockdown and, fingers crossed, the Club will be able to get back to normal in the new year.

Happy Christmas. Keep safe. Things WILL get better.

Don Knight