Wendover Bowls Club – February 2020

The social side of the Club was very much to the fore as the year drew to a close. There was not much bowling activity as we all braced ourselves for the festivities, on the other hand there were two parties in a week at the end of the month. The first was the Christmas party, well attended by almost sixty members, sadly I was not able to make it but am told it was a lovely evening. I did make the New Year’s Eve event. Any party which starts with a nice glass of mulled wine is off on the right foot in my opinion. Belinda Horn and her team provided a good selection for the first course and several members had been asked to provide puddings, each chef had to stand behind his or her own pudding and serve it. As they were all lovely (the puddings!!) there was no embarrassment. Then came the games overseen by Belinda. The Scottish dancing could be described best as shambolic while the team games were only chaotic. Another game involved the construction of a reindeer drawn sledge using two pipe cleaners, some card, a bit of wool and selotape. Straight out of Blue Peter!! As midnight drew near we formed a circle for Auld Lang Syne as the chimes of Big Ben rang out and the year was welcomed in with a glass of bubbly. A truly splendid evening enjoyed by all of us even though it was well past our bedtimes.

Now the dust has settled normal service will be resumed with a busy schedule of games. If you feel you would like to try bowls you can find a little about the Club on the net or give me a ring on 01296 622603 and leave a message and I will try to get back to you.