Wendover Bowls Club – February 2021

In my last little report I was bemoaning the fact that we were missing out on the Club social events over the Christmas period. Well, we did have a party, albeit on Zoom, but a very splendid party indeed on New Years Day. After the initial chaos that is a mark of almost all Zoom meetings we settled down to an evening of quizzes, beetle drives and problem solving. It was good to note that almost half of the total Club membership joined in, which is an indication that the Club spirit is in fine fettle. Belinda Horn did a good job of keeping us in order which must have seemed like herding cats at times. The lady deserves a medal. What I enjoyed most was seeing the faces of all the members that we have been missing over the last months.

Sadly, the Club is still in lockdown with only a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the vaccine. Our annual membership comes due this month and, though we have been offered a discount if we want to take it, I hope that everyone remembers that there are still bills to be paid and we struggle on with no income. Let’s look forward to a sunny and healthy summer.
Don Knight