Wendover Bowls Club – January 2021

Our Club is a Bowls Club with no bowling! How we all miss it, especially at this time of year when our social scene should have been in full swing. Still, we are better off than the Tudors. I was watching a programme about the festivities in King Henry VIII’s time. Evidently it was an arrestable offence to play bowls during the Christmas period. I’m not sure if King H had got the Christmas message of goodwill to all men and peace on earth because it was OK to knock lumps out of each other with swords and shoot arrows, but no bowls. I shouldn’t be surprised if the law isn’t still on the statute books – I have not heard of any of our club members being arrested but, of course, we have not been playing. On behalf of the Bowls Club may I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Don Knight