Wendover Bowls Club – July 2021

It is such a pleasure to welcome visiting clubs again and an equal pleasure to visit them. Lets hope the rising tide of pandemic infections does not scupper the further relaxation of the rules. Sadly one of the nice traditions after matches is still not able to take place. We always used to sit down with the opposition for a meal and a chat at the end of play. We made many good friends in that way. Now all we can manage is a socially distanced drink. Not really the same.

We have got a healthy number of new members in the club. They seem reluctant to put themselves forward for matches against other clubs fearing that they are not good enough and would let the side down. I can remember the feeling, but the best way to learn is in competitions and no one is going to grumble if you do your best. After all, even the most experienced players have off days.

Now then, I remember mentioning that the lean-to at the back of the clubhouse is always referred to as The Parrot House and I wondered why. Well it all stems back to the dark ages when the Club was an all male affair and the ladies just used to get the tea and sit and talk. One of the braver gentlemen members said that it sounded like the parrot house at the zoo and the name  stuck. Nowadays,of course we are much more enlightened and both ladies and gentlemen are on an equal footing and there is really no need for the name to continue, but you have to call it something.

Keep safe everyone, we are getting there.

Don Knight