Wendover Bowls Club – June 2021

I am glad to say we are back in business again after such a long break. We are all a little rusty and some of us do not bend in the middle as readily as we did (I must go on a diet). Some clubs are struggling to get going and have canceled matches as they are unable to get players for matches. No problems like that for us so far.

I played in a rather bizarre match against Linslade recently. It all started well enough as our Captain welcomed the oposition. As he spoke a few flakes of sleety snow fell. By the time the match started it was snowing hard, but we bowlers are a hardy bunch and we carried on. Soon the green was covered in about three quarters of an inch of wet snow. What eventually brought it to a halt was that the bowls picked up the snow as they ran across the green and finished up several sizes larger than they started. Suddenly a cup of tea and a biscuit seemed a good idea.

The green is playing well and the damage rooks did to the surface in the winter is not noticeable. All the surrounds and flower beds are beautiful with the promise of lots of colour to come. All the folk who have turned out in the rotten weather we have recently to plant and tidy and even grub up hedges really do deserve a pat on the back.
Don Knight