Wendover Bowls Club, March 2022

The indoor season has almost run its course. Sadly some clubs have been unable to raise teams and we have had several cancelled matches. I am afraid the dreaded Covid has much to answer for as people seem to have got out of the idea of going out.

The poor old Parrot House (the lean-to along the back of the clubhouse) is looking very sorry for itself, as it is being rebuilt. We may not have it for the start of the outdoor season in a month.

Our green has had rather a bad time of it this winter with rooks tearing up great swathes of it looking for lunch. We resorted to two toy kites tethered to poles, which zoom about in the wind. They have been quite effective and the damage has decreased dramatically. It will be wonderful to get out again and play on grass – with any luck being able to watch the action from our splendid new Parrot House. Don Knight