Wendover Bowls Club news – May 2021

At last we will soon be allowed back on to our green. Even though there will be restrictions with the use of the clubhouse and numbers it is a huge step.

We did manage a few days play last summer before lockdown but most of us have not picked up a bowl for almost a year.

As I write this the green is still not usable as the grass is too long. One member tried a few shots the other day and despite his best efforts he could not get his bowl more than half way but we have started our usual three cuts a week and the mower gets lowered each time.

A more heartening sign is that fixture lists for matches against other clubs have appeared on the notice board in the Parrot House. Now why the lean-to at the rear of the Clubhouse is called the Parrot House I do not know. Certainly I have not met a parrot there and parrots and bowls seem a weird combination but bowlers have vivid imaginations and I have no doubt I will be told.

The most important thing is that at last we will be able to meet our friends again and enjoy their company.

Roll on Summer and warmer weather.
Don Knight