Wendover Bowls Club – October 2020 report

The www3 matches have been battling with our unpredictable weather. If they were league matches we would don our wet weather gear and carry on but as it is an internal competition, common sense prevails and we postpone and wait for the sun. We all miss playing other clubs but we must all be safe and keep our fingers crossed for next year.

Our green has acquired two hedgehog ski ramps in an effort to deal with the prickly problem of the little chaps toppling into the ditch round the green and not being able to escape. Twice this year, when cutting the grass, I have had to rescue one who has been stuck but since the ramps have been in place the ditch seem to be hedgehog free. Perhaps they have been reading Alice in Wonderland where the Red Queen used rolled up hedgehogs as balls for her croquet game. They would make rotten bowls as they would probably unroll half way across the green and walk off just as you played the perfect shot.

As you can probably work out from my rambling report not much has been happening at the club. The indoor season starts soon with a whole lot of new problems to overcome. Let us hope that the vaccine trials soon produce a result and we can all get back to normal.

Don Knight