Wendover Bowls Club – September 2022

Phew!! What a scorcher. The heat did for our long awaited Gala but a monumental effort by Eric and Ann Smith and others saw it played just two weeks later. Eleven of the original fourteen teams agreed to come on the new date. This left us in a bit of a quandary as we need even numbers for the draw. We could have fielded a Wendover team but it is considered bad form to win your own Gala so they would have to have played to lose. At the last minute another club joined us saving an embarrassing situation. The day was a great success. Not only does the Gala swell the coffers, but it is a great showcase for the club and most of the clubs that came have promised to return next year. A real feather in the cap for all the hard work the event entails.

This extraordinary weather has taken its toll on matches with several cancellations. By their very nature bowling greens do not offer shade and the sight of elderly parboiled bowlers has to be avoided. Still, at last the forecast is talking about rain so it will probably pour between now and Christmas and we will all be able to have a good grumble.

Don Knight