Wendover Bowls Club update – March 2021

Despite grumbling about having nothing to do in lockdown time seems to fly by. No sooner do I send in one report than it is time for the next. Sadly our indoor season didn’t happen this year, like so many other things, but the committee have been contacting other clubs to sound out if there is a possibility of some sort of outdoor activity in April when the outdoor season starts, Virus permitting!!

I did manage to catch some of the action from the World Indoor Championships on television. That is played on full size rinks unlike our own 12.5 metre rink. It is amazing to see the skill they have, to put a bowl within a couple of inches of the jack from around 30 metres away and judge the swing of several of several metres due to the bias on the bowl. Although we are closer in our short match game, we have to bowl round a block of wood half way down the track. The technical term for the block is the block, which shows what incredible imaginations bowlers have. Mind you, it is frequently given much more colourful names as the slightest touch voids the shot.

Fingers crossed that time and the vaccine will slowly get on top of the virus and we will be able to enjoy the game and the company of our friends that we love. Meanwhile keep safe and look to the future.

Don Knight