Wendover Bowls Club update – November 2019

The outdoor season finally came to a close with World War Three. Now before you get too alarmed let me explain, three of the groups that play in the Club are called the Widjets, the Warriors and the Wanderers hence WWW3. There was no bloodshed and, at the end of the day, the Wanderers emerged triumphant. After peace had been declared we all sat down to a splendid takeaway supper.

The absolute final fling was the following day’s match between the Chairman’s and the Captain’s teams which was won by the Chairman, and that was it for our outdoor season. It seems no time since last April when we started, how time flies!

The following day the green was put to bed. All the outdoor furniture was put into store and the clubhouse reconfigured to take the indoor mats.

With most other clubs that I have belonged to, when a hard day’s work has to be done, people suddenly find that they have commitments that they can’t avoid and the burden falls on the same few. It was good, therefore, to find more than 30 members turn out and the job was soon done.

So off we go on our indoor season. Indoor bowls is a very different game compared to outdoors and we always struggle to adjust to the gentler format at the start of the season. Some clubs play indoors all year round and my own lack of practice showed in my first game against Haddenham who do play indoors all year, but we will get better and give them a run for their money for the return match.

Finally, don’t forget the Village Quiz that is held in our clubhouse just off Dobbins Lane for the next few weeks.

Don Knight