Wendover Celebrates

On 4 June this year Wendover celebrated the Jubilee and the Olympics in truly magnificent style, setting the scene for a wonderful summer of celebration and sports. The people of Wendover came out in their thousands and really brought the community together. The committee that organised Wendover Celebrates has continued to work through the summer to sort out the finances from this event. There are still a couple of outstanding transactions, but we are very happy to announce that the surplus from the event currently amounts to £12,500.

As we would like to organise another Wendover community event in 2014, we will be retaining £10,000 of this sum as seed funding for this event. Wendover House School has received a donation of £500 as a token of our thanks for the free use of the school site.

We would therefore like to distribute £2,000 to local causes, and ask, via this letter, for written submissions from those responsible for these causes to be e-mailed to the Wendover Celebrates Committee via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the website: www.wendovercelebrates.org.uk . Deadline for submissions is 30 November.