Wendover Cricket Club update, June 2020

After 2 years of telling us virtually nothing and ignoring anything we said, Wendover Cricket Club finally had a constructive meeting with HS2 Ltd in mid-April, albeit with particularly disconcerting news. We were presented with 2 options – a 5 metre high retaining wall along the western boundary, or a 3 metre high wall; the higher would take less land permanently but more temporarily, whilst the lower one had the opposite land-take effect. A 3rd option was to create a bund in front of the wall, but this would take even more of our land; nonetheless, this is the best option as it would mitigate against the worst effects of a retaining wall. Within a week of being told this, we then learnt that we might not have any option and be told what height the wall will be.

Whilst the change to remaining at the Ellesborough Road ground wasn’t intended to impact on the cricket, it’s now almost guaranteed that we’ll have to temporarily relocate at least some aspects and possibly from the middle of next year. We are still waiting for clarity on the programme. HS2 Ltd also appear to be planning on removing just about all our hedgerows, as well as the ones along Smith’s Lane and when the time comes, replacing them with 1-metre saplings. The Ellesborough Road diversion work is likely to start in late summer/autumn and we expect our land to be temporarily possessed this summer.

Many aspects of the design that affects our land are unsatisfactory but hope at least some modifications will occur to improve the outcome for the club. We are liaising with Buckinghamshire Council in the hope that some pressure can be applied through the planning process.

The bypass fence at the Ellesborough Road ground has now had the netting reattached and so is ready for cricket, whenever a resumption happens.

Any enquiries to Jonathan Seabrook on 07767 148119.