Wendover Dementia Support – April 2021

People with dementia, their families and our volunteers have a sense of togetherness, pride and purpose through knitting blankets to donate to others. Each individual has been given wool to knit small squares to be sewn together into blankets and the work has helped people remain positive through the isolation of lockdown.

With the support of St. Mary’s Church, they have donated 12 blankets for Syrian refugees and 22 blankets for the Women’s Refuge, half of them designed for children. Now there is a new project and there are 14 tiny hats and blankets waiting to go to the Neonatal Unit at Stoke Mandeville. The unit now needs a larger supply as the new babies take them home because they cannot be washed and re-used during the pandemic. This is a great example of a community initiative where every generation is helping each other – and everybody wins!

For more information about Wendover Dementia Support, please go to https://www.wendoverds.org.uk/.