Wendover Dementia Support, April 2023

Monday Club
Hello my name is Jamie, let me tell you about the Monday Club.

We at the Monday Club are a team of trained volunteers who endeavour to give our visitors with Dementia a comfortable and pleasant experience. We totally understand people with Dementia and their families’ need for support, and we are here to help!

Hopefully, I’ve got you interested! Let me give you a little insight to our Monday Club. We meet weekly and have two morning sessions. The atmosphere is electric with laughing, chatting, doing puzzles, members engrossed in dominoes and other board games; the list goes on, but hey, we could not end a session without the bonus of dancing and singing to live music.

Caring for loved ones 24/7 is extremely exhausting. We understand and welcome carers who sit together over a cuppa; chat, and perhaps share tips and concerns. There are also very experienced volunteers who can answer questions and help guide carers through specific personal issues.

I am aware that there is always someone needing your help for one good cause or another. I’m afraid this time it’s me! Let me explain: WDS Monday Club also have a wonderful group of ladies who give their time to make teas, coffees and serve yummy cakes.

Here comes the sales pitch: it really would be the icing on the cake (pun intended) if this group could be increased in number. Only two volunteers are required each week from 10am until 12.45pm. This would mean giving up your time one morning a week over a four- to six-week period. If you feel you would like to help or even give it a try, do contact us on 07732342409 or email wendoverds@gmail.com.

Please take a look at our website for more information: www.wendoverds.org.uk.

We often say: “Asking for support is not giving in, it’s the strength to carry on.”

Thank you for your time,
Wendover Dementia Support
Monday Club