Wendover Dementia Support, March 2023

A Positive Individual Approach
It is now nearly 4 years since Wendover Dementia support was founded by retired GP Dr Pippa Moreton. She identified a very real need in the community for support and advice for ‘visitors’ and their families following diagnosis.

Since those early days we have developed a system of an initial assessment visit to the home before they come to the Monday Club. That way we can listen to each individual story and understand how we can best help.

Our happy dementia family has now grown to almost 70 including partners, carers, and others who live alone. We are constantly learning, reviewing and adapting. Volunteer training and support are very important to us all in this hugely rewarding role.

Our aim at the Monday Club has always been to make everyone who attends feel accepted and cared for. We want them to experience enjoyment, stimulation and FUN through joint activities and conversation. At the same time, we work at boosting self esteem and confidence.

After our initial home assessment we quickly learn what an interesting and important life they have lived before diagnosis, and although for many these things are now in the past, we try to concentrate on what they CAN still do and enjoy, and not what they’ve lost.

Reassurance and affirmation, boosting self-esteem and preserving dignity, active listening and identifying when more help is needed, are all vital ingredients of what WDS is offering.

For more information, please visit our website www.wendoverds.org.uk

Wendy Trower