Wendover Dementia Support – update June 2022

Three year celebration!
In the last three years we have provided support for 95 people living with dementia and their families. Currently we actively support 53 families, with new people asking for help every week.

We believe in a positive approach where every person living with dementia can be helped to live with a sustained sense of wellbeing and contentment but only if their families are given the right information, help and advice. We provide that through our home visits and our Saturday Family Support group. In addition, people living with dementia and their families need to feel cared for, so we provide a safe, friendly place where people can get advice, socialise and take part in enjoyable activities – our Monday Club Café. Activities are designed to stimulate, boost confidence and enhance competence and include live music and singing.

This picture shows some of our volunteers – a trained and dedicated team of 27 volunteers plus 6 voluntary drivers. They are an exceptional group of people and provide a very skilled and professional service. In addition, our families can contact us using our dedicated phone line and our website is always there as a source of information and advice.

We want to thank Westongrove Complex care team for working with us so closely and to our main supporters – the Christian Centre, St Mary’s Church, Wendover Parish Council, L.A.S.T. & Friends of WHC. Please look on our website if you want to know more or would like to volunteer. www.wendoverds.org.uk