Wendover Footpaths and You

Wendover is blessed with almost 90 numbered footpaths about 70 miles in total length and including sections of the Ridgeway, Icknield Way, Chiltern Way and Aylesbury Inner and Outer Rings. Many tourists come to Wendover to walk or ride the paths and they bring money with them. Therefore we need footpaths in good condition, to keep the visitors coming.

Most people think that ‘they’ maintain the footpaths, but in these cash-strapped days BCC can no longer afford to do it, and is increasingly devolving responsibility to Wendover PC. In fact our footpaths are currently maintained largely by a few volunteers, who can call in WPC and BCC to deal with major problems, such as large trees across the path.

What can YOU do?

1. If there is a path adjacent to your property, it is your responsibility to ensure that nothing from your property obstructs the path (even if the path is at the end of your garden where you never go.) Pop out and check it regularly, clearing it as necessary.

2. If you are walking and spot an obstruction, report it to the County Council via their website: buckscc.gov.uk . Type into the search bar, Report a Problem on a Public Right of Way and you will see simple instructions. Or phone 01296 395000.

3. If you would like to become a volunteer path maintainer, contact Wendover Parish Clerk, who will forward your details to the appropriate person.

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