Wendover HS2 – March 2020

Image courtesy Wendover HS2

Work has continued on “enabling works” during February, most notably the relocation of National Grid pylons to make space for the HS2 track.  A new, higher pylon is being assembled at Grove Farm, and further up the bypass foundations are being made for two temporary towers.  Once that work has been completed we expect more Ground Investigations to determine the impact of the proposed cutting on the streams from the Coombe Hill aquifer that feed the Wendover Arm Canal and Weston Turville Reservoir.

It is not clear where the water could get diverted to, but we understand that the Coldharbour Parish Council are working with the Environment Agency to avoid a repeat of the 2015 flooding at Fairford Leys.  The “mined tunnel” we are seeking mitigates the impact on the underground streams by not disturbing the ground above the tunnel, which would otherwise create a drain downhill towards Stoke Mandeville.  With Boris seeking cost reduction and timely delivery of HS2, we are working closely with Rob Butler, our new MP, to make sure the significant benefits of the mined tunnel are understood by the new minister for HS2 before construction of the Viaduct and Green Tunnel starts.