Wendover HS2 – May 2020

HS2 Noise Underestimated
It seems that the noise from HS2 trains may be even worse than their estimates suggest. HS2 use a method of estimating noise which was developed some 25 years ago, and it seems that this will underestimate the noise where there is a noise barrier, as there is across most of Wendover.

HS2 have a commitment to keep noise at night below levels recommended by the World Health Organisation, and it was already clear that they were not meeting this commitment for many houses in Wendover. However it now appears that the area affected could be much larger – for example in north Wendover up to 1km from the north portal. That’s as far east as the Aylesbury Road.

We have asked HS2 and Eiffage Kier for a meeting (or a computer meeting in the present circumstances) to discuss their noise figures and the specific mitigation provided. You may recall that during the passage of the HS2 act, noise barriers in north Wendover were redesigned so as to make the noise worse! So we know that improvements are possible.

Watch this space, we may need you to take further action to support our cause.
Wendover HS2