Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group – January 2023

Viaduct excavation site beside the A413 at Small Dean.

Small Dean Viaduct works
HS2 took advantage of the Christmas railway shutdown to excavate foundations for viaduct piers next to the A413. The scale of the works required widening of the road on both sides to accommodate massive dump trucks; and full closure of the highway on seven nights. Further disruption is expected in the New Year with the relocation of underground cables and other utilities. The overall plans for the Viaduct are still awaited, but these initial works can proceed with approval of the Environment Agency as the results will not be visible.

Ellesborough Road diversion
Construction of the temporary bridge for the diversion of the Ellesborough Road has continued with the new road now planned to be opened in “early 2023” to allow the Green Tunnel cutting to be excavated. At time of writing this is still being held up by the Council and the EA seeking clarification about how the interference to the Coombe Hill aquifer from the cutting works will be handled. Despite us raising this in 2015, it seems that HS2 are only now starting to understand the seriousness of the groundwater issue. Bucks Council are concerned that the water will flow downhill, and will adversely impact their flood prevention measures in Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury.

Cricket Ground site
In the current Green Tunnel plan there are landscaping proposals for about 25 acres near the old Cricket Ground, and we’re keen to understand how you think that area should be used in future. Should it become parkland, sports facilities, or a nature reserve? Thanks to those who’ve already replied to our online survey, and we would welcome more responses at https://www.whs2.org/survey.htm.

Got an HS2 problem?
Please make use of the HS2 Helpdesk (which is available 24 hours a day) on 08081 434 434 to register your complaints! Make sure that your issue is recorded as a “Complaint” and get a case reference number to ensure some action. “Enquiries” may just get counted by HS2…

Want to get involved?
If you would like to help us “Do what’s right for Wendover”, have a look at our website whs2.org where you’ll find details of what we’re doing. If you need further help, want to join us, or have ideas or suggestions that would mitigate the community impact, then get in touch at enquiries@whs2.org.


Doing what’s right for Wendover
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