Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group – July 2021

HS2 pressing ahead despite damaging noise pollution
HS2 plans are ploughing ahead despite the threat of incessant, irritating, and damaging noise pollution which will arrive with the trains. It appears our fears that we will all have to just get accustomed to the disruption and noise pollution are becoming a horrifying reality!

Doing what’s right for Wendover
We have identified numerous reasons which prove HS2 train noise pollution will be worse than expectations defined in the Act, whereby the vast majority of homes in the Wendover assessment area could experience noise pollution above the limits.

Evidence has been presented to HS2, who have responded disputing our findings. However, we do not accept any of their comments and are taking this up with them.

Our survey on Noise Pollution
Huge thanks to all who took the time to complete this short but important survey. An overwhelming majority preferred improved noise mitigation even if this has a visual impact and supported our proposals for a retained cutting in north Wendover (where the train is in a narrow cutting with near-vertical walls) and an arched barrier in south Wendover (like a tunnel but above ground). This information will be included as backup for Buckinghamshire Council Officers to consider when undertaking their planning reviews of HS2 plans & designs.

Artist impression of the Wendover Dean Viaduct for HS2 Ltd, in fields east of the A413, passing over Bowood Lane, Courtesy HS2/the Chiltern Society, see also https://chilternsociety.org.uk/hs2-photo-diary/.

Wendover Dean Viaduct Planning
Our diligent Buckinghamshire Council Officers working with our re-elected Councillors have delayed the Wendover Dean Viaduct planning submission approvals for nearly 2 months waiting for HS2’s contractor EKFB to furnish them with relevant information and reassurance.

At time of going to press we learnt that the Wendover Dean Viaduct design was to be approved by Bucks Council, but there remain ongoing issues about the actual noise projections. Bucks Council engaged outside consultants to consider all our concerns who after close consideration agreed with our conclusion that the EKFB submission was inadequate.

Regrettably, Bucks Council were unable to get the designs changed at this point in the process, however there are reassurances in place from HS2 that the design can be changed to improve issues if this is necessary in the future.

Despite all this we will not stop
We remain determined that despite HS2/EKFB continuing to push ahead, in spite of our reasonable cost and time-saving mitigation solutions which we have provided. We must and will continue to point out where things can be reasonably improved, because it is never too late to intervene and make the necessary changes which can leave a lasting positive legacy for all those residing & working in and around Wendover, both now and in the future.

YOU too can help:

  • by clicking on our website www.whs2.org and signing petitions/completing our mitigation surveys/joining our group
  • by writing to our re-elected Councillors at www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk, to ask them to continue to support our mitigation solutions
  • by writing to Rob Butler at rob.butler.mp@parliament.uk to ask him to support our mitigation solutions AND ensure that the Environment Agency are accountable & due diligence is done

Lots continues around us

  • St Mary’s Church, Stoke Mandeville old village – archaeological works continue to exhume the graveyard and the cemetery is to be relocated to a new site off Marsh Lane. HS2 is inviting anyone to view their field museum at regular dates throughout the summer – more details on our website www.whs2.org
  • Small Dean Lane and A413 – network rail site clearance, traffic management, ground investigation works, utility trial holes and vegetation clearance is all underway
  • Archaeology works at Memorial Wood and nighttime vegetation clearance at London Road have been completed.
  • Ellesborough Rd/Nash Lee temporary roads are to be built from June-October and HS2 has issued a revised Temporary Disturbance Policy for residents who are badly affected by the works. Check out the policy on our website www.whs2.org

Wendover HS2 – Doing what’s right for Wendover