Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group – May 2023

Earthworks progressing 

HS2 have started the main earthworks for the Wendover Green Tunnel with stripping of the topsoil along the route of the line north of Ellesborough Road. A fleet of 10 large dumptrucks, diggers and bulldozers has been busy, but deeper excavation is still awaiting approval from the Environment Agency due to the potential impact on the Coombe Hill aquifer.

We understand that revised mitigation proposals were submitted to the EA in March but will take “several weeks” to assess. We sought commitment from the HS2 minister that further excavation won’t start until EA are happy, but the response has been less than reassuring. We understand that more groundwater monitoring is being planned, which suggests to us that aquifer damage is now anticipated. 

Construction stockpiling

There has been a constant stream of HGV lorries for the last three months delivering hardcore to a massive stockpile which now covers about seven acres near Folly Bridge close to the bypass. Dump Trucks are now moving some of that further north and can be seen crossing Nash Lee Road.

Road diversions 

The temporary diversion of Nash Lee Road is nearly complete, and is expected to open in June following the installation of crash barriers and street lighting. Nash Lee Lane will also be diverted to the roundabout on the bypass at the same time to enable the “North Cutting” to be excavated. At Ellesborough Road more closures are anticipated until June to give access to the embankments for the new road. The diversion and temporary bridge over the Green Tunnel cutting are expected to open in September. The new link to Bacombe Lane should follow in October. 

A413 and Small Dean Viaduct 

Piling work has now started for the foundations of the Small Dean Viaduct, and the A413 will be moved eastwards to enable the safe construction of a Viaduct pier next to the Chiltern Railway line in May. We’ve managed to get electronic signage installed at Amersham, Missenden, and World’s End to let motorists know about closures of the A413; which should allow them to avoid the Small Dean area. Further disruption can be expected for some time, as the road will then be shifted westwards to its permanent location with the road weaving around the viaduct piers. 

Construction information

Despite limited notice, about 70 people attended an HS2 “Meet the Team” exhibition in Wendover on 28 March and were able to interrogate the project managers and engineers building the line. Further events are expected during the year, including visits of their Mobile Information Centre. Details can be found at hs2.org.uk/events/. More information about the actual design can also be found on our website at whs2.org/construction.htm.  

Help from HS2?

In addition to resolving your complaints, if you think HS2 can help with a social value project in the Wendover area please contact the HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 (which is available 24 hours a day) or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. HS2 can support in a variety of ways including financial donations, volunteering hours and material donations.  Information on funding is available at hs2funds.org.uk/about/.

Need our help?

If you need further help, want to join us, or have ideas and suggestions that would mitigate the community impact, then get in touch at enquiries@whs2.org.