Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group update, March 2022

The site access road at the Cricket Ground

Public Rights of Way
During February we started to see more disruption to life in Wendover, with the closure of many popular “rights of way”, including closure of the Cricket Ground for dog walkers. HS2 need to maintain a path to Coombe Hill for the Ridgeway National Trail, which passes down Ellesborough Road. For anyone seeking a circular route, we were pleased to hear that EKFB are now “committed to keeping an access open for cyclists and walkers” at Small Dean Lane. They are building a new bridleway that will provide a link to Dunsmore from the southern end of the bypass. At the northern end we’ve managed to keep the path from Nash Lee Road to Wellwick open, maintaining an off-road route to Butlers Cross.

Wendover Bypass Works
The building of the concrete “batching plant” next to the Wendover Bypass is nearing completion with the four new silos being camouflaged but still visible from a distance. The plant is expected to limit the number of local “Large Goods Vehicle” concrete lorry movements to a peak of (only) 536 per day over a four-year period, compared to delivering pre-mixed concrete from elsewhere.

Other works happening
In early March Ellesborough Road will be closed to allow various HS2 works, including removal of the vegetation opposite the doomed cottages for the “green tunnel” cutting, and also for the temporary link road to Bacombe Lane. Work will start on building the temporary Ellesborough Road diversion, prior to the demolition of the cottages which is now expected in April. Work has also started at the Cricket Ground, with a site access road being built as we go to press.

North Cutting & the Aquifer
It seems that the Environment Agency, Bucks Council, EKFB and HS2 are now (eventually) starting to understand that there is a problem about interference with the Aquifer that feeds the Weston Turville Reservoir nature reserve and the Grand Union Canal. We’ve been pointing out for a long time that diversion of the water towards Aylesbury could cause more flooding downstream. Fingers crossed we will have more to report on this soon.

North Cutting & Noise Disturbance
We’re continuing to press EKFB about simple changes to the shape of the cutting that could significantly improve the noise problem in North Wendover. We’ve had to engage professional help to validate and support our proposals to the Department for Transport and HS2, which continues to cost us money.

Community mitigation funds
There are a small number of projects being successfully received for Wendover & surrounding villages. We encourage all groups to submit their pitches for mitigation funding. We have been supporting individuals who have been badly affected by HS2 plans, with some success. HS2 have reissued the Homeowner Payments Scheme, which now provides grants of up to £24,000 for people living within 300 metres of the line www.hs2.org.uk/documents/homeowner-payment/.

Fundraising & ideas
If you would like to help us “Do what’s right for Wendover”, have a look at our website www.whs2.org where you’ll find details of what we’re doing, and our ‘donate’ button which leads to our fundraising page. All contributions are gratefully received to help us fight the HS2 Scheme before it’s built.

If you have ideas or suggestions that would mitigate the community impact, get in touch at enquiries@whs2.org and we’ll assist however we can. Remember that the HS2 Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day to handle any complaints on 08081 434 434.

Doing what’s right for Wendover
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