Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group update, October 2021

Demise of the cottages on Ellesborough Road
We are expecting the imminent demolition of cottages on Ellesborough Road which we have known about for some time but it’s still heartbreaking to see it when it happens. The scale of the clearance is about to become visible to us all. The diagram shows the width of the cutting excavation and the two temporary roads. The work is now expected to start in October.

Chris Packham’s Petition
At press date we were awaiting the outcome of this highly subscribed petition to reconsider HS2 altogether, with this being debated in Parliament on 13 September. There is a powerful film at www.standforthetrees.org which clearly highlights the climate emergency which HS2 is creating.

While we might hope that the Government’s post-Covid spending priorities might cause HS2 to be cancelled, we’re remaining focussed on doing what’s right for Wendover and by seeking the best available mitigation. Please see our website www.whs2.org for more information.

Community mitigation funds
We have identified up to 10 funding schemes whereby groups, businesses & residents can apply for mitigation funding to offset some of the harm HS2 has and will cause and support the local community with new initiatives.

So far 157 projects have had their money assigned by HS2 with the current average funding of 50k, with a number of projects being successfully received for Wendover & surrounding villages.

WHS2 is applying for a number of initiatives to mitigate some of the harm done around our market town so watch this space to see if we are successful.

We would encourage all groups to submit their pitches for mitigation funding. If you do want to apply and don’t know what to do, then get in touch at enquiries@whs2.org and we’ll assist however we can.

Improving the current scheme
Evidence has been presented to HS2 & BC about our noise, traffic & aquifer concerns and we continue to push both to accept our modelling for plans to be changed to remedy these issues.

If you can support our group in any way or want to be involved with our mitigation improvement work, please do get in touch at enquiries@whs2.org.

Lorries everywhere
In November 2015, it was promised by Tim Mould in the House of Commons Committee meeting that “there will be no construction traffic in Wendover” but we believe this promise has already not been kept.

If you witness poor behaviour from HS2 contractors or see a lorry in Wendover, then take a picture and send us the details at enquiries@whs2.org.

Doing what’s right for Wendover