Wendover HS2 Mitigation Group – April 2021

It is impossible to avoid the presence of HS2 with so much happening all around us. Alongside the Parish Council, Wendover HS2 continues to work on Wendover’s behalf to seek effective mitigation solutions to the HS2 plans & works.

We are collaborating closely with Buckinghamshire Council and with many Parish Councils from Little Missenden up to Aylesbury to combine our mitigation efforts. This “stronger together” joined-up approach is tackling issues affecting not just Wendover, but all surrounding villages up and down the line, to try to bring about meaningful change to HS2 plans.

Here is a reminder of who we are, why we exist, and the mitigation plans we have developed and are fighting hard for. We cannot do our important work without your support & involvement as we seek to achieve our mission:

Achieving the greatest amount of meaningful mitigation against HS2 damage for Wendover & surrounding villages

The group
Consists of concerned residents, local councillors and passionate engineers who have come together on a voluntary basis to investigate the detail of the current HS2 plans – we have uncovered what we believe to be serious issues around noise, water, traffic, the effect on the visual environment and local communities, affecting Wendover & surrounding villages.

We achieve our mission through
– providing practical & evidence-based mitigation solutions
– communicating, consulting & lobbying
– campaigning for appropriate compensation & support for residents

Problems & our solutions
1. NOISE – We have uncovered that half of Wendover will suffer from excess noise, with trains every two minutes during the day with noise above WHO levels at night, causing sleep disturbance – that’s not what HS2 promised!

We believe a retained cutting (with near-vertical sides) & arched barriers will ensure noise levels remain as promised.

2. WATER – Our expert reports indicate that up to 25-30 million litres of water per day – that’s the equivalent of 12 Olympic sized swimming pools – will be diverted from the Wendover Arm Canal and the Weston Turville Reservoir, flooding Stoke Mandeville & Aylesbury.

We believe the North Cutting can be re-designed to prevent damage to the aquifer & flooding in Aylesbury.

3. TRAFFIC – We have uncovered that there could be 800+ HGV movements a day on the A413 during construction – that’s 5x more than previously declared that we should expect – and increased congestion after the viaduct has been built.

We believe the construction planning should be modified and the A413 be re-aligned to prevent future traffic misery & unnecessary delays.

4. ENVIRONMENT – HS2 construction plans pose a serious threat to the outstanding natural beauty of Wendover and the surrounding area.
We believe restoring, replanting & screening will protect the visual beauty & long-term future of the AONB.

5. COMMUNITY – Wendover’s infrastructure is being threatened by HS2 works and in order to continue attracting visitors, businesses & residents, it is vital to protect the charm & character of our thriving market town

We believe HS2-funded improvement works can off-set some of the harm done to Wendover’s unique village atmosphere.

Help us to do what’s right for Wendover
Buckinghamshire Council have the critical role of reviewing HS2 planning submissions and demanding adequate mitigation from their designs.

This is the only opportunity available to us to prevent traffic misery for everyone in the local area, save the reservoir & canal, ensure households in Stoke Mandeville & Aylesbury are safe from flooding, protect the beauty of our AONB, Wendover’s unique village community and prevent households suffering from ongoing noise disturbance.

We have very little time left as planning submissions have started to come in. YOU can help in two ways: by clicking on our website www.whs2.org to complete our noise survey and by writing to our county Councillors www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk, to ask them to support our mitigation solutions.

Who we engage with
We engage with many stakeholders (below) – government departments, NGOs, charity organisations & the local community in order to achieve our objectives.

Mitigating against noise, water, traffic, environmental & community damage caused by HS2

Doing what’s right for Wendover