Wendover HS2 Mitigation Group – December 2020

Noise, water, traffic etc – big problems for Wendover
The Wendover HS2 Mitigation Action Group remains fully supportive of the Parish Council’s efforts to achieve a mined tunnel, whilst in parallel has a clear mission to achieve the maximum possible mitigation for Wendover. We have the backing of our local MP Rob Butler who has been extremely supportive and also our Prime Minister who is sympathetic to our cause, as a regular visitor to our market town. He has specifically instructed his Minister of Transport and HS2 Ltd. to constructively collaborate with us, and as a result we are making considerable progress with our alternative mitigation solutions, continuing to hold HS2/EKFB/Fusion to account as their works continue around us daily.

HS2 drilling wells to check water levels at Folly Bridge, N Wendover

Here is a summary of what is happening…
Noise & Flooding
There remains a very real threat of flooding from slicing through the Coombe Hill aquifer for a kilometre, with significant damage to the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), flooding towards Aylesbury and significant loss of water to the Weston Turville reservoir. HS2 have just started work to check the ground conditions to see how they need to change the design.

At the same time, the noise levels will be above WHO standards, threatening over 800 homes in north Wendover. Both these issues are being aggressively pursued with a pragmatic, cost-effective proposal of a “retained cutting” north of Wendover with near-vertical retaining walls that will address both the aquifer and noise issues. Discussions are in place about solutions for the south end and meetings with HS2, EKFB & Bucks Council continue as we pursue these proposals over the coming weeks.

Help us by participating in the public survey and petition about noise at: www.whs2.org and check out our Facebook page: @wendoverhs2 join us on twitter: @wendoverhs2 or email us at: enquiries@whs2.org.

Environment & Traffic
Archaeology works continue near the Ellesborough Road Memorial Wood. HS2 have warned that more trees and hedgerows will be removed in the area as an extension of the works, which we understand have revealed evidence of a 6th Century settlement. Badger setts have also been closed in the area as part of a plan to migrate them away from the works.

Campaigners are attempting to get “extremely bright” floodlights removed from Jones Hill Wood, for fear of disturbing neighbours and wildlife. Traffic congestion issues are being raised to HS2 contractors EKFB, as major works will disrupt roads all around Wendover and the surrounding areas through to Amersham in 2021. More progress should be forthcoming in the new year.