Consultation on HS2 property compensation

Consultation on HS2 property compensation ends on Thursday 31 Jan – please take part

If you haven’t yet done so, please take part inthe Government’s consultation on its proposedproperty compensation scheme. If you live in Wendover, you shouldhave received a postcardwhich youcan use to reply to the consultation. Alternatively, you can download and sign this letter on the HS2 Action Alliance websiteor reply online.

Just a few days ago, HS2 officials saidthere wasnevera commitment to guarantee no financial loss to homeowners. It is grossly unfair that private individuals should have to bear the loss caused by a project which is said to be “in the national interest”. The whole nation should bear the whole cost.Please urge the Government to revise its compensation scheme so that everyone who loses financially from HS2 is compensated. Wendover HS2 believes aProperty Bond scheme, so far rejected by the Government, would do this.

Postal replies should be sent to FREEPOST HS2 PROPERTY AND COMPENSATION CONSULTATION (yes, that’s right, no postcode needed). You must give your name in your reply. All members of your household can reply, by whatever method they wish. But only one reply per person.

By whatever method you choose, please take part and make your voice heard by 31 Jan.This will be your last chance to inflence the compensation scheme if HS2 is forced through.

Thank you.
Wendover HS2 Campaign Team

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