Wendover Magazine

Back in the early 20th Century, Wendover residents could read the ‘Wendover Magazine’, a monthly publication fulfilling a similar role to today’s ‘Wendover News’. It gave an insight into life at the time and during the WW1 period kept the village up to date with news of their serving men.

Unfortunately only a very few of these monthly editions seem to have survived. Those we have located are being digitised and indexed to provide a valuable resource for local & family historians of the future.

We would like to appeal to any long term residents of Wendover who might have any copies of the ‘Wendover Magazine’, filed away with long forgotten papers, to allow us access to them so that they might too be digitised and indexed and added to the archive.

If you know of any copies of this magazine, please contact Wendover News and we will arrange for Derek to get in touch.