Wendover Needs a Choice

There are two possible solutions to the problem of noise from the bypass – a very Low Noise Surface (vLNS) and noise barriers. Bucks County Council (BCC) is considering noise barriers, but the case for vLNS is very simple and compelling and supported by evidence from BCC ‘s own experts:

  • It works better
  • It looks better
  • It costs less

A low noise surface works better

The experts produced maps to illustrate the noise reduction from both solutions. These pictures, representing the central residential part of Wendover, clearly illustrate the much better results from vLNS. Green is a clearly noticeable noise reduction, yellow is not!

A low noise surface looks better

A vLNS avoids an unsightly 13ft fence which will be there for a long time.

A low noise surface costs less

A report produced for BCC shows that vLNS for the Bypass will cost less than noise barriers and this includes maintenance costs.

Why not noise barriers?

The case for noise barriers is that they may protect better against construction traffic noise. However:

  • Construction traffic (just 3% of traffic on the bypass) makes so little difference to the noise level that it is not noticeable.
  • The noise maps above include construction traffic noise anyway! What you hear is total noise, and this is what the experts have (correctly) assessed.

Will HS2 pay for a low noise surface?

HS2 offered the money for noise barriers to reduce the existing background noise, which is the real problem. HS2 would be prepared to consider a different solution if there is sufficient evidence to support it and if Wendover prefers it. If the money is spent on noise barriers BCC are most unlikely to find additional funds for a vLNS.

Have Your Say

We urge everyone to have their say when the Consultation promised by BCC takes place. But we’d really like to know your opinion now. There’s a simple survey on our website tinyurl.com/noisebarrier which includes details of both options and all the supporting evidence. It fully covers the issue of construction traffic.

Wendover HS2