Fancy a long weekend in France?

The members of Wendover Twinning Association will be hosted this year by our friends in Liffré. We’ll be staying with families, living their lifestyle, eating their food and drinking their wine (always a great pleasure). I know they’re in the throes of sorting out a weekend of great entertainment for us and, based on past experience, it should be an action-packed and fun weekend. We’ll be staying an extra day this year, leaving Wendover on the afternoon of Thursday 23rd May, travelling overnight and arriving in Liffré the following morning. Our return will be on Monday 27th May, with an e.t.a. of midnight. Most families have someone who speaks French and there is always somebody around to help out the less confident so don’t let a lack of the language put you off an excellent way to learn more about the French and dispel the myths put about by the media that they don’t like us. They do!

If you would like to participate or just know more about what is involved please contact us at one of the following numbers:

Barbara 01296 624708

Glynis 01296 625565

Mike 01296 622778