Wendover Optician Warns of Wet Winter Driving Dangers

Wendover optometrist Ivan Cammack is encouraging local residents to have regular eye examinations to ensure that their eye sight is fit for winter driving.

During winter, lower light levels and less daylight can significantly affect vision. Even if a driver experiences no problems during the day, drivers can struggle with an increase in short sight at dusk. Other problems experienced by drivers include halos and reflections around lights and headlamps, difficulty focusing and dazzle or flare.

“With long winter nights and the recent wet weather, it is vitally important that your eyes are functioning well for driving,” said Ivan Cammack. “Regular eye examinations mean that any changes in your eye health can be picked up quickly and your Optician can ensure you have an up-to-date prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. The first symptom of cataracts is often decreased night vision and vitamin deficiency can also cause poor night vision.”

“We are advising our patients to take a few important steps to make sure they can see as well as possible when driving. In addition to having regular eye examinations, keep a spare pair of glasses in the car, make sure your lenses have an anti-reflection coating and check that your windscreen is clean both inside and out.”

The practice is inviting any local residents that would like to know more to call into the practice for further details and advice on eye conditions and winter driving. The Eyeplan eye care scheme is available to make the highest quality eye care more affordable and accessible. For more information please visit www.ivancammack.com