Wendover Parish Council HS2 Update

The WPC Working group have a set of alternative mitigations to try and alleviate the noise issues for the area North of Wendover, as noted last month, because the mined tunnel is currently out of favour with the HS2 minister etc. These include extending the green tunnel by 300m to the north which would potentially solve the noise issue for over 400 homes (it does not help any water problems). This would be the best of our options after a mined tunnel.

Alternatively, an option is extending the green tunnel canopy for 350m. This would help, but would allow some noise to be emitted from the sides, beneath the canopy, so is a second-best option. Lastly would be to reinstate the external noise barriers at 6m along the length of the 300m. This option could be built after the rest of the project has been completed, whereas the others would need to be in the Schedule 17(3) planning applications, currently due in March 2022.

We are sending our paper on these options to local and national MPs, and the various Transport and Rail Infrastructure personnel. HS2 and EKFB are also on the list. We are hoping that one of these alternatives will gain traction within Government and that will encourage HS2 to do something!

Meanwhile, HS2 are continuing with their groundworks. The bridge over the Chiltern Line has been removed and sheet piling next to the line has been completed, stopping the banks falling onto it. The next step is to protect a water main on the A413 which requires temporary concrete barriers to protect the workforce. These will be put out on Fridays from 8pm until 6am on Mondays. This requires a full road closure over the weekend, followed by 24hr, two-way traffic lights in that area. Dates are 21 January – 7 February at the moment. For further updates please go to the Wendover Parish Council website: https://www.wendover-pc.gov.uk/hs2.

Sheila Bulpett – Chair
WPC HS2 Working Group