Wendover Parish Council HS2 update, March 2022

Early in February, the WPC HS2 Working Group met with Rob Butler to discuss our alternative mitigation ideas. He has agreed to promote two of these, an extended cut and cover tunnel or canopy, with Andrew Stephenson (HS2 Minister) and Grant Shapps (Minster of Transport) in an effort to improve the noise outcome for residents in the Thornton Crescent / Dobbins Lane area (about 400 homes). We are hoping for a more positive response, although the mined tunnel is still the best option.

We have yet to receive any update with regard to the Schedule 17(3) planning applications for the area between the Wendover Dean Viaduct and Stoke Mandeville. At a meeting on 8 February with EKFB, contractors for the main works in the Parish, the subject of shifting over 600,000m3 of earth was presented. A conveyor over the A413 and Chiltern Line is proposed in order to remove the need for vast numbers of trucks to move earth down the A413 between Leather Lane and Small Dean Lane. This will be needed as the design of the Small Dean Viaduct has been amended and the original transport plan rendered unworkable. The belt will be enclosed to reduce noise and operated 7am-7pm Monday-Friday and 7am-5pm Saturdays.

EKFB are looking to hold one to one meetings and have a community bus in the area in March / April for residents to discuss the plans and issues. Bucks Council are checking what planning applications will be required. A413 closure to construct the conveyor is envisaged to take one weekend this Spring and the conveyor would be in use from June 2022 for about a year.

Do check our website regularly as all updates about works/closures are available at www.wendover-pc.gov.uk.

Sheila Bulpett
Chair, WPC HS2 Working Group