Wendover Parish Council Report December 2012

View from the Chair

Congratulations to Wendover Chamber of Trade and Commerce for running a successful Late Night Shopping event on Wednesday 5 Dec and thanks to our celebrities Dr. Mike Loosemore, doctor to the Olympic Boxing Team and Eleanor Bell, sister of Pamela Relph, the Paralympic Rowing Gold Medallist, for turning on the Christmas Lights. A fitting end to a wonderful Olympic year. Now I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and successful 2013. Robert Duggan, Chairman Clerk and RFO

Parish Clerk and RFO

We are pleased to inform everyone that Jill Bottomley, who has been our stalwart over the last year and a half plus, has been confirmed in the post of Clerk for Wendover Parish Council. We would like to offer her our gratitude and now look forward to a happy and constructive future. We have appointed Bridget Bradford (the Clerk to Winslow Town Council) to the post of RFO (Responsible Financial Officer), the post which has been so adeptly held by Councillor Bob Lewis who has seen us over an extremely difficult period since mid 2011. Again our grateful thanks.


We have received a query regarding what has been an increasing Precept in the years up to 2011/12 and the % of staffing costs. We are acutely aware of the situation and we are pleased there was no increase in the Precept for 2012/13 and we are making every effort to keep the precept at its current level. The matter of efficiency and cost in the running of the Parish Office, the Clock Tower is one of those things which is continually being looked into. We are grateful for the interest and communication received and we always welcome constructive comment.


Hopefully all who came enjoyed the Quiz. We would like to thank everyone who helped out, but especially Alan Myers the Quizmaster who, once again, did a brilliant job and congratulations, at last, to Hale Valley Vineyard who have tried for some time to win the trophy!

The Clock Tower Project

During the year of the Olympics/Paralympics Wendover Parish Council wanted to encourage its residents to keep fit and healthy by allowing the recreational areas to be used for fitness classes. Looking forward to the New Year the Parish Council wishes to maintain this same policy. Since the Clock Tower is feeling its age and the bell tower is a bit creaky in its joints the Parish Council is appealing to the community to help support funds for the restoration works that are required. To this end one fitness instructor has pledged £120 towards the Clock Tower Restoration Fund which ensures not only are the residents in good shape, but the Clock Tower too! Olympic Games Makers shook buckets in the freezing cold at the Christmas Lights Switch On which raised another £60. A very delightful elderly lady came into the Clock Tower and anonymously donated £20 raising the current total to £496. This iconic building is now 170 years old and in need of some major repair work. In particular, the wooden bell tower needs serious renovations, together will a full overhaul of the bell and its mechanisms. As well as raising funds to carry out the work the Parish Council also hopes to raise levels of interest and understanding of the Clock Tower’s heritage with full community involvement. Please register your support for this project to demonstrate the importance of this distinctive landmark and help to attract grants from funding bodies by signing our petition which can be found at the Clock Tower, Community Library and other places in Wendover.