Wendover Singers – a real community choir

I really can’t sing, as anyone who has heard me will testify. It’s been a great disappointment to me as I love to warble, but only if I’m sure I’m on my own. I can’t read music either. So why did I join a choir?

When it was announced that it was hoped to set up a community choir for all abilities my interest was caught. Really? All abilities? Surely not. However after after a reassuring email exchange with one of the organisers I decided to go along to the first session. After all, if I felt totally out of my depth I wouldn’t need to go again. When I arrived I was astonished and cheered by the number of people who turned up, and of the wide range of abilities, so I decided to stay, and what a fun evening it turned out to be. I came away hooked.

Accompanied on a keyboard by her deputy Penny Wilkes, our musical director Jill Neenan was encouraging, enthusiastic, lively and she inspired confidence, even in those of us who were seriously lacking it. The sound the Singers produce is impressive, even after just two rehearsals, and our clarity and diction is improving all the time.

The choir needs more members, especially men, so if you like to sing, even just in the privacy of your own home, why not join the rest of us – those that can sing and those that can’t – and be amazed at what a wonderful sound we can all produce together.

Barbara Jefford